“Anviksha/Anviksha Shukla” – founder & owner, Studio Anviksha, is an artist driven by passion and perfection. she expresses the un-expressed by weaving the wire-frames and stones with utmost customization, making her clients feel special when they distinctively flaunt their jewellery , designed and customised by her. Best casino bonuses https://bonushitlist.com/.

An artist , that handcrafts the contemporary designs for the free spirited souls, artists and dreamers. Her distinctive way of expression towards style and art can be clearly taken back towards her teenage when she developed a keen interest and passion towards jewellery making. She eventually realized how her designs were readily accepted by the people all around and that inspired her to turn her hobby and passion into a customized and deliverable business entity.

She has the belief and vision towards contributing to the wonderful field of Art in her own ways. The materials that she incorporates in her customized designs have been hand-picked by the artist herself.

Coming to today, she has designed unique pieces of jewellery and has earned total client satisfaction. She has been appreciated over Social Media and is an active part taker in various Exhibitions that exhibit unique products. Dedicated to her art , each day she explores the depth of creativity and makes the client feel the tag – “Handcrafted with Love”.